Savanna Cider Launches Inaugural TV Advertising Campaign

Savanna cider, the world’s 3rd largest selling cider, launches its first-ever nationwide TV advertising campaign for its Chill Pack and single bottle in the UK this month.

‘Now available at your local watering hole’ ads will appear across Channel 5 nationwide and several key ITV1 regions, reaching 87% of the UK adult population.

The ten second ad, which is part of a wider Summer 2011 marketing campaign, uses the Watering Hole theme to connect viewers to Savanna’s presence in the UK while highlighting the iconic brands South African roots. The marketing activity also includes a series of national Savanna Nights at Your local Watering Hole brand-in-hand experiences with bar groups.

Anthony Mills, head of European marketing for Savanna, says, “Savanna is still relatively new in the UK.” However, “Since it launched here Savanna has dramatically outperformed the market, recording value growth in 2010 of 54%. This has given us the confidence to invest in TV advertising to increase the brand’s profile and exploit the undoubted potential the brand has.”

As a ‘New World Cider’, Savanna is an authentic South African cider, produced in and imported from the Western Cape. Savanna is distributed in the UK by Babco UK Ltd call 01474 369113 with sales enquiries.

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