Belhaven Black to launch


Belhaven Brewery are planning to launch Belhaven Black, a new 4.2 ABV stout this month (January 2012). The company aims, it says, to “ignite the UK’s stout market” which is totally dominated by Guinness.
This deluxe new stout has been crafted to provide a taste of something different for fans of deeper, dark ales.
Says George Howell, Belhaven Brewery Director, “Belhaven Black is a quality stout that provides publicans with the perfect opportunity to give customers exactly what they want – choice.”
He continues, “Until now there has been a lack of choice for stout drinkers, so we are fully expecting Belhaven Black’s arrival on the bar to create a bit of buzz.”
Belhaven Black will be available in keg from this month (January) and cask from June. The launch will be supported by POS including branded glassware, drip mats, bar runners and posters.

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