Companies cut the ABV of Beer

AB Inbev led the way last month by cutting the ABV of Budweiser, Beck’s and Stella to 4.8% from 5%, now Molson Coors has revealed Cobra is to reduce in ABV too. The ABV of packaged Cobra is moving to 4.8% from 5%. Adrian Davey, MD of the Cobra Beer Partnership told DRAM, “The quality and smooth taste of Cobra is our first priority and we believe this change improves and enhances it.” He continued, “Furthermore the duty saving will fund additional investment in the brand.” Other brewers are expected to reveal similar reductions over the next few months. Atlhough promoted as health initiatives, the lower ABV also improves the health of the brewers bank balances, with UK duty savings for Stella alone, in the off-trade, estimated to be around £8m. As for consumers, as long as the taste doesn’t change, I can’t imagine they will notice!


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