Online wholesale business launches

Ooberstock Limited, a new online wholesale business, launches next month. The Ooberstock system enables drinks owners to upload product information, including images, along with prices and any promotions to a dedicated brand portal. Prices and promotions can be set as standard across all distribution channels or flexed to reflect an outlet type and/or by postcode. Brand owners pay a monthly licence fee for access to the software platform so they can administer their product, price and promotional offer. A fee for each litre of product that is ordered from the brand owners is then payable which means their costs are directly tied to the volume of products sold through Ooberstock. Meanwhile, licensees will pay the net prices direct from the drinks supplier, which includes a transaction fee for each order they make and a standard delivery cost of £24. The business is the brainchild of founder and managing director Arran Heal, a former Coca Cola Enterprises sales and marketing executive.

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