Innis & Gunn at 32 Potterrow

James Sutherland, the man behind Edinburgh’s 56 North, has teamed up with the Innis & Gunn Brewing Company to open a bar in the Capital called ‘Innis & Gunn at 32 Potterrow’. The bar has been planned for the summer months only, whereupon its future will be reviewed. James told DRAM, “I have only committed to run the ‘pop up’ bar for three months to see how we get on with it, and we will review its future at the end of August once the Edinburgh Festival is over. So far the feedback has been immensely positive, but it’s still too early to make a call on its future.” He continues, “The interior has also undergone a bit of a makeover, and we have had a lot of support from the likes of Caledonian Brewery and Stuart Brewing, and as well as beer, we have a wide whisky selection too, along the back bar. We also have a Drambuie Dining Corner as part of the dining area.”

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