Brewers reveal beer price increases

Scotland’s brewers are putting up wholesale prices, but the increases are not as much as last year. Molson Coors have increased wholesale prices by an average of 3.1% equivalent to 5p a pint while Carlsberg are set do the same while AB Inbev are increasing theirs by 4.7% from February 1. Diageo is putting 5% on the price of a pint of Guinness and Red Strip while Heineken’s rise will be equivalent to £14.30 a barrel and kicks in on 4th February. Wells & Young, the brewer behind McEwan’s is not raising its prices. Last year the prices were akin to 8p extra a pint, this year they have been kept at an average of an extra 5p a pint. The increases are due to increased material and energy prices.

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