Fox and Hounds sold

The Fox & Hounds and Houston Brewery Brewing Co in Houston, has been sold to Stewart Robertson and Andrew Anderson, new entrants to the licensed trade. Their company MY500 bought the business through Christie & Co, who have been handling the sale of the pub and micro brewery for the Wengel family, who put the business on the market in 2011. The family, who have owned the pub for the past 34 years, put Houston on the map with one of Scotland’s first gastro pubs, and turned it into a million pound business.
Brian Sheldon, Director at Christie + Co, commented, “The sale of The Fox & Hounds and Micro Brewery confirms that established licensed businesses are still sought-after, despite what has been reported. Admittedly the sale did take some time but was completed with the assistance of our sister company, Christie Finance, and a creative deal structure.”
Andrew Anderson, Director of MY500 Ltd, was a regular of The Fox & Hounds for many years and lives locally. He commented: “Stewart and I have always been interested in acquiring The Fox & Hounds and when we heard it was on the market, we made moves to secure the necessary funding. We view the business as a ‘sleeping giant’ and, with a bit of ‘TLC’, we are confident that it will be a success. We plan to start a refurbishment programme in January and, in the next 18 months, we are looking to relocate the brewery to larger premises in the same area.”
The original asking price for the business was £1.3m.