Skene House is Scotland’s ‘female-friendly’ forerunner

Skene House Hotel Suites in Aberdeen has become the first in Scotland to offer ‘female-friendly’ accommodation, after winning accreditation by women’s social networking site Maiden Voyage, an award-winning global business travel network for professional women. The hotel has been invited to join its exclusive portfolio of ‘Female Friendly’ hotels.
Female guests benefit from enhanced security such as double locking doors and a 24/7 manned reception, and guests are able to enjoy a host of feminine touches including portable powerful hairdryers, beauty lighting and mirrors and a selection of the latest glossy magazines.
Melissa Gilchrist, Director of Operations said, “Research shows that the number of lone female corporate travellers is growing each year, driven in particular by the number of women who work in the North East’s oil and gas sector. We also know that the numbers of female leisure travellers, both from UK and Europe, remains a strong market. Since the early 1990s we have offered female travellers a better alternative to hotels as our style of accommodation addresses many of the concerns females have when travelling on their own.
“For instance our suites’ fully equipped kitchens means that guests can cater for themselves or order in, which for female travellers makes for a far more relaxing evening compared with dining solo in a bar or restaurant.
“By working with Maiden Voyage, we have further enhanced our female friendly offering to increase security and comfort and we look forward to welcoming their members.”

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