£20m spend on Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark, acquired by Edrington just over three years ago, is set for a re-introduction in the UK, and the news coincides with the announcement of its first ever seaplane partnership with Loch Lomond Seaplanes. Cutty Sark which celebrated its 90th birthday on the 23rd March is one of the top 10 Scotch whisky brands in the world you can drink it anywhere from Japan to Brazil, Sweden to Spain, and of course the USA.
Capitalising on the whisky’s inherent pioneering attitude, Cutty Sark is establishing itself as an urban brand adopting ‘The Spirit of Adventure’ as its call to action. It aims to break away from traditional whisky brand stereotypes by targeting a younger consumer. Everything from the brand is new – from packaging, range, materials and distribution plans with Edrington committing to investing £20m on the brand in the next 5 years, covering both new and existing markets globally. This increase in investment is forecast to push sales up by nearly 40% across the world in the next 5 years – the brand is set to soar again! Jason Craig, Global Brand Controller, Cutty Sark blended Scotch whisky comments: “2013 is going to be a truly momentous year for the Cutty Sark brand. The stunning bright yellow seaplane really reflects what we hope will be the journey for our whisky brand for the next five to 10 years; from its roots as a Scotch to taking flight as an urban, relevant and pioneering whisky for new generation of whisky drinkers.”

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