Wells & Young’s builds on the future of Scottish ale with the launch of McEwan’s Red

The UK’s largest independent family-owned brewer Wells & Young’s is investing behind its famous Scottish ale brand McEwan’s with the launch of McEwan’s Red.
Brewed in Edinburgh at an ABV of 3.6% McEwan’s Red is a new Scottish beer that’s a little bit different. A smooth and refreshing pint – it’s brewed to be red in colour which is achieved naturally by brewing with only the finest malted barley. It delivers a lightly hoppy and very smooth taste delivering a depth of flavour that is still sessionable.
McEwan’s Red represents the start of a sustained campaign of brand investment from the Bedford-based brewer. The aim is to refresh McEwan’s current portfolio to appeal to its loyal consumer base while also introducing new variants to the range which attract a younger target market to help rejuvenate the declining ale category.
McEwan’s Red has been thoroughly researched* and appeals to men aged 30-50 who are regular sociable drinkers and who visit the pub two to three times a week. The overall appearance of McEwan’s was rated higher than competitors and drinkers responded well to Red’s noticeably differentiated appeal.
Red is guaranteed superb profile within outlets across the country underpinned by a stunning modern chrome fount with illuminated badge and full range of POS. A TV and print campaign to support the brand is being produced in Scotland by The Union, one of the country’s top creative agencies which positions Red as aspirational and confident. The commercial follows the red-carpet journeys of consumers as they make their way towards a McEwan’s Red. It is positive, upbeat, modern and high energy, reflecting the new outlook for McEwan’s.
Two types of malt are used to make McEwan’s Red; malted barley and coloured malt. Malted barley is the vast majority of the malt used and this is sourced from Borders farms.  Its colour is achieved in a 100% natural way without the use of artificial agents. The malt barley is quenched in the roasting process to a critical point to create McEwan’s Red’s perfect chestnut red hue.
Wells & Young’s aquired McEwan’s and Younger’s in 2011, securing its position as the UK’s second largest premium ale supplier and the only regional brewer to have a national footprint with local premium ales.
Paul Wells, Chairman of  Charles Wells, the parent company of Wells & Youngs, commented:
“Wells & Young’s is a natural home for the McEwan’s brand. As an independent, family owned business we understand how to cultivate the much-loved brands which licensees need and consumers seek out. McEwan’s is embedded into the culture of Scotland and we intend to satisfy the consumers who already love the brand with new variants while also introducing it to a new generation of ale drinkers. Red is the right brand at the right time to kickstart this process. The category is crying out for a new product which is genuinely different. Given its brewing heritage there is no stronger brand in Scotland to deliver this change than McEwan’s.”
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