The world’s most mysterious malt?

The Glenlivet Alpha

The Glenlivet, the world’s second best selling single malt Scotch whisky by volume behind Glenfiddich, has launched The Glenlivet Alpha (50%) ABV. A “mysterious expression”, with no age statement, cask information or tasting notes according to owners Pernod Ricard. The launch is being supported by a global advertising campaign to promote the launch of the limited edition bottle which is being released in a matte black bottle. The campaign, the company says, aims to challenge the audience to truly engage their senses by breaking down the single malt flavour to four senses: sight, smell, taste and feel. Each is explored in separate short films, with a fifth film that encompasses all four senses, all directed by James Callahan. (see

Nikki Burgess, international brand director for The Glenlivet, comments, “The Glenlivet is famous for its flawlessly smooth, sweet flavour and with the launch of The Glenlivet Alpha we’re excited to be exploring this in an original way. This is the first time anyone has launched a whisky ‘blind’ in this way and we are confident that this innovative campaign will excite whisky drinkers and help them to truly appreciate single malt and understand the flavours they taste in The Glenlivet’s award-winning range.” The full details of the whisky, including all tasting notes, will be revealed by master distiller Alan Winchester at the end of the six week campaign. Each bottle will cost around £80.

The Glenlivet Alpha


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