Carlsberg Citrus Joins The ‘Crate Escape’

Carlsberg Citrus is making its TV debut in a new version of the ‘Crate Escape’ ad, making its appearance at the end of a re-edited version of the popular ad for the Carlsberg brand. ‘Crate Escape’ is a humorous interpretation of the film ‘The Great Escape’, set in a remote health spa where men find ingenious ways to secretly break out and smuggle a crate of Carlsberg back into the spa.
In the latest version, after the “that Calls for a Carlsberg” tagline, viewers are advised “for even more refreshment, try new Carlsberg Citrus, blended with natural limes.” David Scott, Director of Brands & Insight, Carlsberg UK, said, “The appearance of Carlsberg Citrus at the end of the latest version of the memorable Crate Escape advertisement reinforces its position at the heart of the Carlsberg brand family. The start of summer is the ideal time to encourage consumers to try a chilled, refreshing Carlsberg Citrus.”
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