The basement feels the love

Signature Pubs doesn’t plan on making any immediate major changes to its latest acquisition, The Basement on Edinburgh’s Broughton Street. The pub group bought it from Inspiration Inns’ James Ellis Johnston back in May and plan to operate it as it is, until the autumn. Signature’s Operations Manager Hazel Ward told DRAM, “We are planning a few minor design changes around September time, but in the meantime, we are focusing on getting the staff trained to the company standard and raising morale, starting with some product knowledge awareness training.
“I know that when I was bartending around 15 years ago, The Basement was the place where all the cool, creative types used to hang out. It has lived on as a bit of an institution, although it’s perhaps been lacking in a bit of love in recent years. We plan to get it back to that place, by giving it a bit of love.”
She continued, “We have been consulting with all the staff very closely, even down to them continuing to wear Hawaiian shirts, which they all voted unanimously on. We are keen to maintain its relaxed atmosphere, as it’s one that the regulars keep coming back for. As far as the clientele go, it is made up from a fantastically eclectic group of customers from a broad spectrum of ages, professions and interests, which is ideal.”

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