Auchentoshan launches exclusive limited edition

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Auchentoshan is launching an exclusive limited edition – Auchentoshan Virgin Oak. This complex, non-chill filtered dram is Auchentoshan’s first ever single malt to be solely matured in virgin North American oak casks, wood that is previously untouched by any spirit. Since the millennium, Auchentoshan has placed small batches of the unique, triple distilled spirit in virgin North American oak whose charred surfaces have held neither bourbon nor sherry. Time and patience revealed the whisky, which had spent its maturation in this virgin oak, to possess a deep orange colour with spiced apple and candied notes as well as layer upon layer of complexity.
Auchentoshan Brand Ambassador Gordon Dundas comments, “Auchentoshan is one of the few distilleries to produce a virgin oak Single Malt. The lightness of the triple distilled spirit makes it perfectly suited to absorbing the unique qualities of the charred virgin oak casks. The result is a lowland whisky that is subtle as well as complex in nature.” It is available now.

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