Diageo to create contingency plans for their future in a post-referendum Scotland

DIAGEO are hedging their bets for their future north of the border by drawing up two business plans for post-referendum Scotland.

The drinks giants told investors last week it would develop two contingency plans to protect its large whisky interests here in an attempt to ensure a flawless transition whatever the outcome over the independence referendum.

The move is the clearest sign yet big businesses are devoting a large level of resources to their operations for Scotland after 2014.

Chairman Franz Humer said the company was watching “diligently” from the sidelines regards the debate over the country’s future, adding the company needed to “protect” itself and its operations “whatever the outcome”.

A vocal opponent of the minimum price for alcohol in Scotland proposals, Diageo are supporting the Scotch Whisky Association in their fight against the proposals, seeing it as the biggest challenge to post-referendum Scotland after similar plans were ditched by the UK Government.


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