Almost three million jobs in UK provided by hospitality sector

A NEW report has shown the impact the hospitality sector has on employment in the UK and Europe, with one in every 13 people in Europe employed in the sector.

The report, commissioned by financial experts, Ernst and Young, shows the critical role the industry plays in fighting youth unemployment.

It also showed how the hospitality sector was essential for jobs and growth, along with the health of other parts of the economy.

In the UK, hospitality related output amounts to 146 billion Euro, supporting 2.7 million UK jobs, with a tax contribution of 22 billion Euro.

The report also showed how the sector has rebounded somewhat since the recession, creating 153,000 jobs from 2010 to 2012.

The British Beer & Pub Association supported the report, saying it showed the benefits of measures to support the hospitality sector, with action on red tape and taxation.

Chief executive of the BBPA, Brigid Simmonds said, “This shows the importance of the hospitality sector, for both jobs and the economy. Policy makers need to focus on how they can allow the beer and pub sector to create jobs and provide new opportunities for business – not least through taxation, such as more action on business rates and beer duty.”

As for Europe, the study found the hospitality sector created a trillion Euro in output in 2010, equal to 8.1% of the EU’s total economic output. And the knock-on effect of spending in the hospitality sector meant another €1.16 was invested in the wider economy for every Euro spent.

The break down from that showed the sector contributed 126 billion Euros to government treasuries in excise duties, Value Added Tax, and employment and social security taxes in 2010 – that was supported by one in every 13 jobs in Europe.

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