Cult Bavarian Craft Beer crosses the border


Brewers & Union’s cult gastro craft beers are now available north of the border through a recent distribution deal with niche wholesaler Delivered Drinks run by Allan Cunningham.
Six strikingly designed artisan unfiltered beers are partnered with Der Graf von Bavaria, a grand and suitably named non-alcoholic isotonic Weiss beer.
Brewers & Union work hand-inhand with different brewmasters from small regional Bavarian and Belgian family-run breweries to create craft lagers and ales that they are not only proud to produce for their customers, but love to drink themselves to celebrate the craft of beer. Says Allan, “Brewers & Union, believe in the quality of small batches and not the quantities of mega-production. They obsess about aroma and taste, not economies of scale. Their beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, which allows for a fuller, richer taste. Brewers & Union don’t believe that they can single-handedly change the world of beer as it exists, but with a little raw passion, blind optimism and reckless resolve, they can perhaps make a difference.”

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