Design Focus: Elliots, Prestwick

Elliots Main Bar Overview

What a transformation… think LA or Miami. The Buzz works team have done it
again and have Brought more than a hint of glamour to one of Scotland’s
seaside towns. Susan Young reports.

I like to be surprised and I very definitely was when I visited the new look Elliots in Prestwick. The previously dark and cosy bar has been transformed into a Miami-esque venue. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if next year they added a swimming pool in the carpark!
Designer Jim Hamilton told me, “The brief was to embrace ‘significant change’.” Well it has very definitely done that. The dark wood interior has been replaced by Krion and if you don’t know the name now, you soon will. This composite, flexible material, which Jim first used in the US after discovering on a visit to Porcelanosa’s headquarters in Spain, has been used for the bar itself, booths, tables and facia. It is a warm white which can be backlight to great effect. Says Jim, “It’s a fantastic material, tactile, durable, and it can be easily repaired, which is very important in the licensed trade.”
The most striking element at Elliots is the long white bar made from Krion which just about stretches the length of the room, and there is also an amazing back bar. In fact Stephen Brownlow the boss of Transition Interiors, the principle contractor, is also very proud of the bar. He told me, “This is a bespoke stainless steel back bar which has been designed to fit the space perfectly, and that is no easy task as it is incredibly difficult to get stainless steel cabinets to fit. The bar also includes a centre freezer, which is used for freezing glasses, and when it is opened it creates a bit of theatre.” He continued, “We also created some bespoke bar stations designed by Fraser McIlwraith. They incorporate a sink, chopping board and bin and are unique to Buzzworks.”
Just opposite the bar there is a row of white carrera marble topped posing tables, which line up along a banquette. The tables also are accompanied by white leather bar stools. The banquette itself is upholstered in a rich purple and soft silvery pewter using two completely different materials – the back features a rich purple which has the quilt appearance, while the seats themselves are covered in the softest pewter leather-like material. Over every table there is a hanging light with a small silver shade. These are the smallest lights in the room – the rest of the lighting definitely makes more of a statement. The lighting is a key element when it comes to changing the atmosphere in Elliots. There are no shortage of LED’s, lighting features and colours thoroughout.
Behind the banquette is a slightly raised area with large and small booths. The larger booths are upholstered in tan leather, and each of them sit eight. The tables and booths are made of the gleaming Krion, and feature an ice bucket with a removable top in the centre. During the daytime the ice bucket lid is on and it is revealed during the evening and the buckets are also lit with LEDs. The back wall here has a deep purple curtain, which adds depth and warmth to the area, and there is a feature wall to the right. This is covered in small pictures of past Elliots customers.
Just beyond this area is the Bleu Bar, which again is on a slightly higher level – this special VIP area has its own bar and smaller booths, highlighted with blue lighting. The ice buckets here are backlit with blue for extra effect. Some say this area offers you the best seat in the house, particularly the booth nearest the stairs which gives you a clear view of the rest of the bar. As you come down from the Bleu Bar, on the back wall there are small booths which seat up to four people – there is a glass balustrate which runs along this wall where guests at night can stand and peruse the dance floor which is situated directly below. A tall grey table with splayed legs and white bar stools fills this space during the day and early part of the evening, but it makes way for dancers later on.
The other key area is the prominent booth just as you come in the door on the right. It’s another eight seater, but it’s a high booth, and instead of tan leather it has the same coloured pewter as the banquette on its seats. The stand out feature here is the large lampshade and crystal bulb – which just epitomises the attention to detail that you see at Elliots.
The pictures really speak for themselves.