Edinburgh cow gets a Six Nations makeover


One of the iconic cows owned by Signature Pubs, which resides outside of The Huxley, has just received a new Six Nations make over by local artist and Scottish Rugby fan, Chris Rutterford. The newly re-decorated cow now features all Six Nations and aims to reflect Kyloe, The Huxley and The Rutland Hotel’s love and support for the games and all nations.
However the company’s other cow, situated jutting out of its steak house Kyloe, is making headlines for another reason entirely. Apparently City of Edinburgh Council planners are no longer happy with the cow sticking out of the wall despite the fact that it has been there for more than two years. The council say Kyloe Restaurant and Grill did not apply for planning permission to put the brown and white cow on the front of their restaurant. Apparently a letter has been sent to Kyloe, ordering them to take the cow down because of the “detrimental effect on the character of the listed building and on the amenity of the area caused by its position.” Although a spokeswoman for the City of Edinburgh Council said they are happy to discuss the cow with its owners.
Says DRAM Editor, Susan Young, “I would have thought that with the ‘detrimental effect’ of the prolonged tram works in Edinburgh, that the Council would have been amenable to businesses trying to the raise their profile, and certainly the cow is now a talking point and a landmark. I am hoping that commonsense will prevail.”