The City of Edinburgh Council has officially started formal enforcement proceedings for the removal of the Kyloe cow in Edinburgh’s West End. According to the council, the cow sculpture is to be removed because of the “detrimental effect on the character of the listed building and on the amenity of the area caused by its position.” as stated in the letter issued by a Planning Officer of The City of Edinburgh Council, despite the cow being in situ on the first floor for the past two years.

Despite promising to discuss the issue the council have not had any discussion with the owners Signature Pubs, and now the company has started a lively campaign to save their cow. To this end a herd of cows will be outside the Huxley handing out petitions and rallying support to save the Kyloe Cow.

A spokesperson for the company said, “It’s practically an Edinburgh landmark, a symbolic icon! So many customers find Kyloe by the cow and love the cow. It’s a really poor show the council are now asking for it to be taken down. What harm is it doing?”

They are asking folk to sign a petition and show your support for the Save the Kyloe Cow campaign.

The petition online at –

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