Bowled Over

Beer and Skittles has become the latest incarnation of 14 Picardy Place in Edinburgh. The basement bar, which was most recently Pepper, is owned by the Edinburgh New Town Company who also own Steak restaurant and the boutique hotel Twelve Picardy Place. Manager Chris Caira says the clue to the focal point of Beer and Skittles is in the name, “Beer is the main event, we’ve got international beers and want people to have that feeling of relaxing abroad, drinking the local beer. Our feel is about sharing and socialising, that’s why we have long tables and the booths, to encourage the social aspect of coming out for a beer and spending time with friends.”
Making the most of the current craft beer boom, the new venue promises a varied selection of beers from around the world, including their own Beer and Skittles craft lager which is being produced by Belhaven. Their menu also has a selection of beer cocktails, playing on its beer-bar image.

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