Young’s London Stout launches in Scotland

McEwan’s Beer Company has launched Young’s London Stout in Scotland. The beer, which the company says is “certainly no ordinary beer; it combines traditional brewing with contemporary styling to create a stout which offers drinkers an “exciting new alternative”. At 4.3% ABV Young’s London Stout is brewed with oatmeal to deliver a smooth and creamy beer which has a richer and slightly sweeter taste than Irish stouts. A true London stout, it has been created from a recipe for the original Young’s Oatmeal Stout which was first available in 1987, and to add some style to the bar, the imagery for Young’s London Stout is based on the “city gent” with bowler hats, moustaches and pinstripes featuring on the font and glassware.
Emily Hudson, Marketing Manager for Young’s London Stout says, “We wanted to bring some variety to the stout category and offer people something fresh and new. Young’s London Stout is a 21st Century beer with a stylish and contemporary look to capture the imagination of discerning drinkers looking to discover something different. It has performed fantastically well during taste tests and we’ve had great feedback from publicans who are keen to add some diversity to the stout selection on their bar.”
Also hitting bars across Scotland this month is Charles Wells Dogfish Head DNA New World IPA which, following its unrivalled success as a cask seasonal last year, is now available in keg. First launched in April 2013, DNA was the product of an inventive craft beer collaboration between Charles Wells and US East Coast Brewery Dogfish Head which mixed the best of traditional and new world brewing. It is created by integrating a special reduction from 60 Minute IPA into a Charles Wells brew, in other words the brewers take the very DNA of one beer and add it to the brewing process of another, creating a craft beer which is like no other.
Emily Hudson added, “DNA really inspired UK drinkers by offering a beer which is truly innovative, unique and tastes exceptionally good. Its success as a seasonal has paved the way for DNA to become a permanent fixture and we are delighted to be launching both keg and bottle variants to offer drinkers more choice on how to enjoy their DNA. We are supporting the launch with a fittingly off-the-wall font badge, glass, bottle and bar runners which all signify what drinkers can expect from DNA and are sure to grab the attention of those who are yet to try it!”
Young’s London Stout is rolling out in keg, and DNA is now rolling out in keg and bottle across the UK on-trade and is also back as a cask seasonal through to April. DNA will be launching in bottle for off-trade outlets in mid-Spring.
Brand new craft beer bar The Foresters in Portobello, Edinburgh is the first outlet in Scotland to pour pints of both Young’s London Stout and DNA on keg and the team are excited to be offering their customers a first taste of the innovative new beers.
Simon Watson, Area Manager for Caledonian Heritable Ltd which manages The Foresters said, “DNA is an exciting, fresh, vibrant craft beer collaboration and gives a sense of what we are doing at the Foresters; a fantastic offering of world and craft beers. DNA fits this bill with its unique taste, great presence on the bar, glassware and point of sale. We chose Young’s London Stout based on its taste and point of difference- it looks fantastic on the bar and the liquid in the glass really stands out compared to other competitors”.