Clouds and Soil Opens

CloudsSoil Bar Finals 008

Bond No 9 owners Chris Flint and Kara Anderson have opened a new venture, Clouds and Soil at Picardy Place in Edinburgh. Kara told DRAM, “We were approached by The Iona Pub Partnership; they were looking for independent bar owners to take over the venue and they were big fans of the work we’d done in Bond Number 9. We worked together on a few concepts until we finally found one that felt right.”
Going with the tagline, ‘Sipper, Supper, Sleeper’, the venue is set in a five story townhouse. The main bar is situated on street level. Kara said, “Because of our reputation of Bond No 9 we felt that we had to feature quality cocktails at Clouds and Soil, but we were determined to have a first rate wine list too. With crowds from the nearby shops and theatre right on our doorstep we felt that an extensive wine selection would be a real attraction.”
The venue also has a restaurant on the first floor, and an adjoining Hendrick’s sponsored private dining room features a leather writing desk as a table, taxidermy mice and a stag-head chandelier. A separate basement bar is used for private functions, and four boutique hotel rooms will open in the coming months.