Strongbow Launches New TV Ad


Strongbow is celebrating its roots with a new TV advertisement that pays homage to the farmers who grow the one million British cider apples that make the world’s top-selling cider each year.

The forty second ad, ‘Bittersweet’, recreates the journey from the orchard to the pub, bracketing images as either ‘bitter’ or ‘sweet’. The title ‘Bittersweet’ relates to the dry, sweet taste of Strongbow as well as the tough but rewarding work that goes into growing, pressing and producing of the cider.

Michael Gillane, Cider Brand Director at HEINEKEN, owner of the Strongbow brand, said,  “This is the first time Strongbow has ever celebrated its cider making credentials and shows that, by combining the best of traditional methods with modern equipment, we can deliver a beautifully balanced cider with the right amount of bite; and on an epic scale. We’re proud of Strongbow and how we make it; and Bittersweet simply underlines this pride.”

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