Blueberry for Hornsby

Hornsbys Blueberry Cider1

Hornsby’s Blueberry Cider, the latest variant for C&C Group’s American-style cider, is set to launch in the on-trade this month. The cider is 4% ABV, and will be packaged in 330ml bottles.
Hornsby’s Blueberry blends the brand’s Crisp Apple cider with the sweet flavours of ripe blueberries, a blend that C&C are describing as a ‘classic American combination ideal for the British palate’. The new flavour variant will be supported by a summer PR and marketing campaign targeting the brand’s young adult target consumer group.
Amy Burns, Brand Manager for Hornsby’s, said, “With its innovative serve style and Californian heritage, Hornsby’s is ideal for consumers who love to try new things when socialising with their friends. Since launching the brand to the on-trade last year Hornsby’s has been a star performer within C&C Group, buoyed by a growing consumer interest in new cider serves and flavours from around the world. 
“Hornsby’s has opened up a large growth area in the cider market and with two fantastic flavours already under our belt, blueberry was a natural progression. Sweet, crisp and refreshing, it blends the best of flavours from both sides of the Atlantic, with a nod to our laid back California roots.”

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