Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver Launches In UK Market

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Jose Cuervo, the oldest and biggest selling tequila brand in the world, has announced the launch of Tradicional Silver, a 100% agave Blanco tequila, in the UK market. Despite having only been previously available in Mexico and the US, Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver is already a favourite with bartenders around the world. Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver is bottled immediately after being distilled. The result is a fresh, spicy flavour with a hint of sweetness to finish. Unlike Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado, Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver has more vegetable notes, with a background perfume of earthy cooked agave. Gabriela Moncada, Brand Ambassador for Jose Cuervo remarks, “Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver has always been one of my favourite products in the Jose Cuervo portfolio. It’s the perfect tequila to use in a fresh margarita, with the sharp lime waking up it’s earthy flavours, and the salt rim offsetting the sweetness which comes at the end of every sip.” It is distributed by Proximo.

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