New Wild Geese Rum Collection

Premium Irish whiskey makers, The Wild Geese, has expanded its portfolio to include a collection of crafted rums, The Wild Geese Rum Collection.
Continuing its partnership with Marblehead, The Wild Geese have launched three new Caribbean rums, Golden Rum, Premium Rum, and Caribbean Spiced. Already the recipient of nine industry awards, all won within two months of each other, the rums are set to feature at the Boutique Bar Show in Edinburgh in October as part of the rums’ introduction to the Scottish on-trade.
The Wild Geese Caribbean Rum Collection tells the story of the Irish exiles from Ireland in 1691, forced from their home to work in the Caribbean and Americas. Determined to win freedom, many escaped with wind under their sails, blazing a trail across the fierce oceans as liberators and pirates of the Caribbean.