Star Pubs & Bars Online to include pub specific data

Star Pubs & Bars has extended the capability of its new ecommerce site, Star Pubs & Bars Online, to enable lessees to access their pub specific data including their Brulines reports and key property information such as their gas and electricity safety certificates, insurance documents and details of any loans.

This move is unique in the leased trade as it  allows lessees to administer their accounts, invoices, and statements online. As well as ordering products and being able to pay their rent,  business support and practical advice on everything from maximising income from food to launching accommodation is also available. While lessees can also link directly to suppliers such as Sky and CPL with whom Star Pubs & Bars has preferential terms and track sales patterns on all tied products.

A quarter of Star Pubs & Bars’ lessees have taken up use of the ecommerce site since its launch six months ago. Research reveals that the most popular benefits are the ability to order product 24/7 and the convenience of having all their support and business information readily accessible in one place.

Star Pubs & Bars trading director, Chris Jowsey, anticipates that it will revolutionise the way in which it does business with its lessees, saving them time and encouraging further uptake of the extensive range of support offered by the company.

He comments, “As a people business, face-to-face and phone contact are fundamental to the way we work, however, in addition, lessees now have the option to undertake their business, access support and reference critical information specific to their pub at a time and in a manner that suits them.”  He continues Jowsey, “Another key benefit is that by providing information from the company direct to lessees online, it frees up time in pub reviews, enabling BDMs to focus even more on business development and issues specific to each pub.”

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