Irish Craft Brewery Launches New Beer in Scotland

Franciscan Well logo

Irish craft brewery, Franciscan Well, has launched ‘Irish’ Pale Ale, Chieftain IPA in Scotland, and although it is only in select bar and pubs at the moment a wider role-out is planned this year. The launch follows the success of the brewer’s other flagship beers, Rebel Red and Shandon Stout in recent months.

The original Franciscan Well brewery dates back to 1219, but current owner Shane Long started brewing there in 1998. The decision to launch its portfolio of beers in the UK follows strong demand from both publicans and consumers, and follows its huge success in its homeland of Ireland.

Shane Long, comments, “Although it’s come a long way since I started the brewery in 1998, the craft beer industry is still in its infancy in Ireland. Following the success of our beers here, it was a natural next step for us to try our hand at a new and different market. Rebel Red and Shandon Stout are available in select outlets across the Scotland, with IPA being made available in limited quantities now with a bigger launch in 2015.”

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