A New Era Ushers In

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Usher’s of Edinburgh now boasts a new microbrewery. The pub, located underneath the Pear Tree on South Nicolson Street, is now brewing Usher’s beer, which used to be one of Scotland’s leading beer brands. The opening of the microbrewery is the result of a collaboration between Perth-based craft beer maker Inveralmond Brewery and pub owners Caledonian Heritable.

Usher’s was one of Edinburgh’s most iconic beer brands, brewed originally in the 19th century and extremely popular during the 20th century, but it has been 33 years since it was last brewed.
Fergus Clark, managing director of Inveralmond Brewery commented, “Every day we put passion and expertise into crafting beer, but to revive one of Scotland’s most iconic beer brands is just an exceptional moment in time as beer makers.”

The micro-brewery is visible in the pub, which is already very supportive of the craft beer market and specialist ales, and adds to the atmosphere. The aim in time is to give patrons the chance to brew their own beers and try out different recipes.

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