Scottish Tied Pub Issue confirmed as ‘Devolved Matter’

John Gilligan

The House of Lords has confirmed that the issue of tied pubs in Scotland is a devolved matter which will, in future, be handled by the Scottish Government. This development now leaves the road clear for the Scottish Government to create its own legislation around Scottish businesses tied to deals with pubco’s.The move was welcomed by Tennent Caledonian Breweries, Harviestoun Craft Beers, Fyne Ales, the Scottish Licensed Trade Association and others – who all support an end to ‘tied pubs’.

John Gilligan of Tennent Caledonian Breweries, who has already made it clear that TCB welcomed Westminster’s intervention in the situation, said, “We need to protect our Scottish publicans in the same way that Westminster is doing for the licensed trade south of the border – and we’ve got to move forward at pace. If we fail to do so, it could be catastrophic for our home-grown industry,”

He continues, “The assertion from the House of Lords that this issue is a devolved matter is very encouraging. It gives us the reassurance that Scotland has the freedom to ensure our industry is not penalised compared with the rest of the UK.

It’s also excellent to have had confirmation from the Scottish Government that they are open to legislative change and are listening seriously to the argument – an argument that we believe is extremely compelling.”




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