Guinness kits to help drive St Patrick’s Day sales


GUINNESS® is supporting licensees during the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations by offering its usual dedicated GUINNESS® visibility kits and tips on how to make the most of the day. The brand believes that March 17 offers outlets  the opportunity to sell an additional 98 pints.  Last year, GUINNESS’® Draught accounted for 34% of this incremental beer uplift,  while Standard Draught Lager, Draught Premium Lager and Draught Bitter contributed 66% of the uplift.

The GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s Day kits will be activated across 10,000 outlets UK-wide, with each kit worth £30. They will contain a selection of themed products including a flag, several metres of bunting and 20 branded hats. Nothing much new there then!


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