Glasgow MSP sets out to protect tied pub tenants

John Gilligan

Paul Martin MSP for Glasgow Provan, has submitted a Members’ Business Motion in the Scottish Parliament calling for a statutory code of practice for pub companies to be implemented in Scotland in order to help protect tied pub tenants.

The motion has been put forward after members of the UK Parliament amended the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill to introduce a code of practice between pub companies and their tenants in England and Wales.

Martin comments, “Now that the rent-tied pub model has been radically overhauled in England and Wales, investors and pubcos will now be turning their attention to the industry in Scotland.

He continues, ““I have heard from brewers, licenced trade organisation, tenants and unions who are all eager to see a statutory code of practice for pub companies put in place to protect hard-working licensees.”

John Gilligan of Tennent Caledonian Breweries welcomes the move. He said, “This is a massive step in the right direction and we wholeheartedly welcome the motion. Unless the Scottish Government move to protect our licensed trade in the same way afforded to England and Wales, the impact will be catastrophic. Meetings with political representatives have been very encouraging so far, so we are hopeful that we can move forward at pace.”

Martin concludes,  “If we don’t legislate to protect rent-tied tenants, then the impact on pubs north of the border will be devastating. If Scotland had its own adjudicator, it would also allow pub tenants to offer a wider selection of beers, which would promote market competition.”


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