Busy start to 2015 for Manorview

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Steve Graham’s team at Manorview have had a busy start to the year. Not only have they completely refurbished the Innishmohr Bar in Coatbridge, but they have also spent a substantial amount on its Wishaw nightclub now called the Live Lounge, bought the Court Bar in Glasgow and also have refurbished Hamilton’s Windsor Bar. The Innishmohr, which was Steve’s first foray into the licensed trade 10 years ago, was due a refurbishment. Steve told DRAM, “We closed the bar for six weeks to do the refurbishment, the first in 10 years, and although we retained the bar, everything about it has been refreshed, from the inside out. New seating booths, new furniture, new windows, new flooring, sound systems, you name it. I’m pleased with the finished bar and so are our customers. It’s been well received. Coatbridge doesn’t have a bar like it and our customers deserve it.”

At the same time as the Innishmohr refurbishment was underway Manorview have been revamping the nightclub at The Commercial Hotel in Wishaw, and it is now unrecognisable. A £350K plus spend has seen the venue transform into the Live Lounge, a luxury club complete with infinity dancefloor, first class sound system and sumptuous soft furnishing (see design feature next month). As well as an outstanding outdoor area. Says Steve, “I want to create a classy nightclub and I think this is now certainly the best in Lanarkshire. We’ve mixed a bit of retro with a lot of glamour. We’ve gone for the very best sound system, dance floor and lighting rig. We’ve got large comfortable booths (which are already booked out) used granite tops on the bar, quality carpets, and bespoke lighting.” The company brought in Calum Best to officially open the Live Lounge, and have also got some first class DJ’s lined up.

Meanwhile the pub arm of the business is just about to complete a deal to lease out the newly-refurbished Windsor Bar, and work is just about to start on the Court Bar in Glasgow’s Hutcheson Street which they have just purchased. Says Steve, “This is usually a quiet time of the year, but for us it is an opportunity to get our teeth into refurbishing our venues. The business is doing well, and I am really pleased with our progress.”