Captain Morgan goes white

morgans white

Diageo is rolling out Captain Morgan White Rum. The company aims to help revitalise the white rum segment of the market. The white rum segment has been in decline in volume and value terms for the last few years and now Diageo aims to have Captain Morgan White put it back on the map. Captain Morgan is growing the GB rum category, adding the most incremental volume of any rum brand year-on-year and in double digit volume growth (on and off Trade % change combined).

Andrew Cowan, UK Managing Director of Diageo, says, “We recognise that innovation needs to be at the heart of our commercial strategy, and at Diageo we want to grow our business by getting people to drink better, rather than more. Today nearly 13% of our business comes directly from innovation. My goal is that in the next five years innovation will account for twenty percent of our business.”

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