More than 4000 people use Tennent’s app to bin their partner!

Do you ever have a lonely man standing at the bar moaning about his other half? Binder could be the answer to all his prayers. The new app from the team at Tennent’s will split up with his partner so he doesn’t even have to leave his pint.

Since launching on Tuesday, the tongue in cheek app has been downloaded over 22,000 times and already 4000 people have used it to break the news to their partner. Now Tennent’s has promised to send anyone who has been scorned by the app a free pint of Tennent’s as a consolidation.

Jordan McKenna, Brand Development Executive for Tennent’s said, “Binder made us laugh a lot but whilst over 22,000 people have used the app so far, we really can’t believe that anyone would actually use it seriously to do their dirty work.  And if someone tried to dump you using a recording of an out-of-tune break-up song, surely you’d be well rid of them anyway? Although, if you are that person, there’s a free pint of Tennent’s Lager on its way to you,”

The Binder app is the result of Tennent’s teaming up with a group of writers, artists and directors to bring a new comedy series called Wellpark to its customers.

With a simple swipe and a few quick taps, your customers can send a personalised voice-message which can be automatically delivered to their other half, letting them know that the relationship is over.

From “It’s not me, it’s definitely you”, to “It’s like I’m living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare”, there are a range of options that Binder users can choose to share the news of the break-up. In addition to voicemail, a text is also sent, making sure that the deed is definitely done.

Jordan  continued, “There are hundreds of sites that promise to make the dating game easy. They look after everything – except the splitting up part. We thought we’d poke some fun at that in our Wellpark series and so far it’s gone down really well. Hopefully those who receive a Binder message will have a sense-of-humour about it too.”

The app is currently aimed at menu however a female version named ‘Binder’ is in the works.

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