Section 33 Returns

section 33

The Section 33 PopUp is due to return in November to Glasgow. This time it is going to be bigger and it’s open for 5 days (18th – 22nd Nov). The venue will be a secret until a week before, but tickets are now on sale at £5.

Organiser Kyle Steel says, “I’m definitely looking to put on more than just a PopUp food event with lots of varied entertainment, and some very special guest appearances.” “We bring the best in locally sourced produce, delivered in soulful street food fashion, with a high-end foodie twist. I believe that we’re not just a pop-up restaurant or a street food operator: we offer an experience like no other. As always the venue and menu are kept secret until a week or so before the event, but we will be releasing clues and tasters.”

He continues, “Already it is going really well. More than 450 tickets were sold in the first 24 hours!”

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