Whisky as you’ve never seen it before

carmen opt

An ambitious project by the makers of Glenfiddich has brought together experts in the science of Cymatics – the study of visible sound waves – and Caribbean vocalist, Calma Carmona (above), as well as the Co-Operative Orchestra Scotland, in order to explore the effects of live music on single malt. The experiment marks say the company a “suitably fitting way to celebrate their 21 Year Old liquid, an exceptional single malt nurtured in Scotland and finished in rum-infused casks from the Caribbean.”

A Franz Ferdinand track, Love Illumination, was selected as the experiment’s catalyst, and the artists performed the unique track in a London warehouse in real time to an ‘audience’ of bespoke, precision-crafted devices, developed to capture the various cymatic effects of the music on the 21 year old liquid. Each device was specifically attuned to respond and react to different note ranges and sound frequencies, isolated through a speaker via specially programmed software. The results now feature in a new film which can be seen below: