Great Captain Morgan serves for the festive season

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Captain Morgan has come up with some great serves for the festive season. The Captains Christmas Punch: 50ml Captain Morgan Spiced, 75ml Pineapple juice, 75ml Orange juice, served in a 12oz Highball ad served with an Orange wedge. It also suggests The Captain’s Spiced Egg Nog: 50ml Captain Morgan Spiced, 1 whole egg, 50ml Milk, 50ml single cream also served in a 12oz Highball with a cinnamon dusting and a stick.

Add all the ingredients to a shaker full with cubed ice, shake to mix, chill and dilute, strain into a highball glass full with cubed ice, garnish and serve. And last but not least The Captain’s Winter Mojito: 50ml Captain Morgan Spiced, 25ml Lime juice, 15ml cinnamon syrup, 75ml ginger ale, 6-8 mint leaves in a 12oz Highball, garnished with Mint sprig and cinnamon dusting.

Slap the mint leaves and place in the bottom of a 12oz highball glass. Add the CMS, lime and cinnamon syrup and fill the glass with crushed ice. Add the ginger ale and mix through with a bar spoon. Cap the drink with more crushed ice, garnish with a mint sprig and a dusting of cinnamon and serve.

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