Winterbrau Spiced Ale unveiled by Caley

Winterbrau opt

Caledonian Brewery has unveiled its brand new guest ale, Winterbrau Spiced Ale, just in time for Christmas. This 4.3% mahogany ale has a spicy and sweet taste, with a hint of chocolate and a rich, malt finish.

Caledonian Beers Manager, Craig Steven, said, “Its added orange peel, ginger and cinnamon make it the perfect beverage to pair with festive foods such as rich meats, thick saucy dishes, roasted vegetables, strudels and – of course – fruit puddings. This winter style is closer to historic brews when herbs and spices were used to brew beer. Ingredients such as ginger, nutmeg and other spices would have been added to offset the malty sweetness of ale, before the widespread introduction of hops.”

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