PUNI Distillery unveils first Italian single malt whisky


PUNI Distillery, the first whisky distillery in Italy, has announced the release of the first Italian Single Malt Whisky. Established in 2010, PUNI Distillery started distilling in February 2012. Mr Jonas Ebensperger, one of the founders of the family run business, comments, “After nurturing our special liquid for so many years, we are very proud to be finally able to share our new Italian-born whisky with the world, We put all our hearts into the making of this whisky and we are very excited to give whisky lovers all over the world a chance to taste it.” Due to considerable seasonal temperature variations, the Italian Single Malt Whisky matures much faster than other whiskies in other parts of the world, acquiring complex aromas even at a young age. To showcase the variety and complexity of flavours, PUNI distillery has released two expressions with completely different taste profiles: PUNI NOVA, Nova, meaning “new” in latin, is a wonderfully delicate yet spicy single malt with warming and sweet aromas of honey, banana and vanilla and PUNI ALBA, “meaning “dawn” in Italian, but also “Scotland” in Scots Gaelic. PUNI Alba offers a complex bouquet of candy fruits, sultanas and exotic fruits entwined with warm, reassuring hints of smoke.The packaging is specially designed by up-and-coming Italian designer Christian Zanzotti.


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