Guinness launch visibility kits ahead of St Patrick’s Day

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Guinness is set to provide 10,000 bars and pubs throughout the UK with activation kits in time for St Patrick’s festivities this year on 17th March. The kits aim to raise pre-event awareness, increase footfall and encourage customers to buy Guinness, making it the centre of attention in participating outlets.

Guinness has long been linked to St. Patrick’s day and the outlets which stocked the kits in 2015 enjoyed an increased uplift of 118 pints on average, of which 72 were Guinness draft.

The kits, which are priced at £30, feature several metres of branded bunting and 15 hats along with a Guinness flag to decorate back bars. To buy the kits contact will ensure that the branding is the point of focus for any customers and inject a fun, festival atmosphere into venues. All products will be branded with ‘St Patrick’s Weekend’ so that the union of the celebration and the beer are emphasised. Along with these kits, Guinness will provide licensees with digital assets which will allow social media coverage to compliment the promotion in the premise. Themed cover photos, suggested Twitter posts and photos will all be provided.

Katerina Podtserkovskaya, Head of GUINNESS® Activation in the On-Trade, said, “Celebratory occasions like St Patrick’s Day are important for the on-trade and Guinness alike.  St Patrick’s Day in particular is a natural and unique sales opportunity for the Guinness brand as it links to its Irish heritage and provenance. Last year, Guinness Draught accounted for 61% of incremental total beer uplift, proving that it helps to drive the total category sales.

She concludes, “When preparing for ‘St Patrick’s Weekend’ licensees should remember that GUINNESS® drinkers are higher spenders in both food and drink. Stout drinkers are also more loyal to the on-trade and visit more often than lager drinkers.”

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