Funkin Taps into 2016 Trends

Funkin Mixerssourraspelder

Funkin Cocktails are expanding their one litre cocktail mixers, to include three new mixers Funkin Raspberry Mojito, Funkin Elderflower Collins and a brand new Funkin Sour Mix.

Funkin Managing Director Andrew King comments,“Our mixer range now includes over 30 products and we are proud to be providing our customers with even more ways to offer consumers the great-tasting cocktails they are after.”

The mojito still remains the UK’s most popular cocktail and now Funkin are adding a second mojito. Funkin Raspberry Mojito. Using all-natural ingredients.

The Collins remains the most popular gin cocktail. Elderflower Collins Mixer in response to the growing popularity of both gin and elderflower.

The Sour Mix is one of the most versatile cocktail mixers and This cocktail mixer can be paired with a number of spirits.