Rare as a Capercaillie

TLD 50YO Bottle only white bg1 1

Last Drop Distillers has just announced the release of rare 50 year old “double matured” Scotch Blend Whisky. The rare 50 year old whisky boasts over 50 grains and malt whiskies, with youngest in the blend having been distilled in 1965.

The blend was originally created in 1995 and refilled into bourbon wood for marrying. The majority was bottled and the rest of the whisky was placed in Spanish Hogshead barrels. These lay undisturbed in the Lowlands of Scotland for two further decades.

The whisky forms part of the “Finest Aged” collection, which is represented by the motif of a Capercaillie, which, represents the whiskies in this particular collection – symbolising their rare qualities. Retailing at £3000, there are only 898 bottles available.

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