West adds non-alcoholic beers

NIX A4 Portrait opt

Glasgow’s West Brewery has released two zero alcohol beers named Nix, translated as ‘nothing.’ The 0.0% ABV brews will be available in lager and wheat beer varieties. Both are now available in the on-trade in bottles, and aim to shake up the growing alcohol-free beer market. WEST founder Petra Wetzel said, “The major problem with alcohol-free beer to date has been that it usually tastes like wet cardboard. NIX tastes much much better than that!
“Whilst NIX lager is cool, crisp and clean-tasting, NIX wheat is fruity and refreshing. Both represent the perfect blend of our Glaswegian heart and German head and both are a natural extension of our adherence to the Reinheitsgebot of 1516; the German purity law which prescribed the use of only barley, hops, yeast and water in beer making. No chemicals. No preservatives. No artificial flavours. Now no alcohol.”

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