The beer kitchen opens in Dundee

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Scottish independent brewer Innis and Gunn has opened its second bar/restaurant The Beer Kitchen in Dundee’s Tay Street. Designed by architects Morgan McDonnell, The Beer Kitchen is aimed at educating diners on matching beer with food and has been designed by award winning architects Morgan McDonnell in a Scandi-Scottish style. The Beer Kitchen will serve a wide range of craft beer along with a specially curated menu featuring chopped and charred and low and slow style dishes as well as pub classics. The brewer has also launched the world’s first ever beer and marmalade; Marm & Ale, made with the brewer’s oak-aged IPA with Dundee’s finest preserve to take advantage of the current debate over the origins of marmalade and has also brewed a brand new flavour of marmalade IPA using Innis & Gunn’s trademarked beer percolator. Spearheaded by retail veteran David Hall, the ‘Beer Kitchen’ brand will continue to roll out venues across the UK and internationally, with plans for another 2 sites.