Enjoy a Fling this Summer

J2O Flamingo Fling opt

J2O Flamingo Fling is the latest limited edition from Britvic Soft Drinks. The new flavour, which is available from now until September, aims to add some colour to the licensed trade’s fridges.
Britvic hope that J2O Flamingo Fling will attract new consumers into the growing adult soft drinks category with its blend of delicate, crisp white grapes and succulent, floral lychees. The single-serve bottle comes in a flamingo-inspired full sleeve, bringing a touch of the tropics to J2O this summer.
The launch is being backed by an advertising campaign and a competition for consumers which will involve blending both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails with J2O Flamingo Fling.
Kevin McNair, GB Marketing Director, Britvic Soft Drinks, commented, “We’re confident that our new J2O Flamingo Fling will create excitement within the Leisure channel thanks to its eye-catching design that will attract drinkers looking to try something new.” J2O Flamingo Fling is available to order now in 275ml glass bottles.

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