Magners unveils new look

Magners Original Fount Glass Bottle

Magners is aiming to rejuvenate the drinks market with a new campaign set to shake up the apple cider category.
Striking new packaging and a new innovative rip top closure which negates the need for a bottle opener, alongside a new tagline ‘Hold True’, will be promoted in a multi-million pound media campaign. This will include TV, posters and radio, further supported by heavyweight experiential activity, PR and social media.
Magners will be also be focusing primarily on its Original apple variant. This will mean replacing Magners Golden Draught across the On Trade with Magners Original draught to bring synergy across the family.
This move follows on from independent blind taste tests, which saw 62 % of participants preferring Magners Original against the market leading apple cider brand. (Cardinal Independent Taste Research). The new creative campaign has been developed on the back of extensive consumer research and sees the brand focusing on its position as an original true cider since 1935.
The tagline ‘Hold True’ will encourage people to stay true to themselves in a world full of fads and gimmicks – just like the Magners brand. Andy Cross, Brand Director at Magners, said, “We know that Magners is still loved by consumers but we also know they have been enticed into new brands and flavours in recent years. This campaign is about reminding them Magners is still the original through our new campaign, ‘Hold True’.”

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