Tennent’s Lager offers ‘doctor’s notes’ as excuses

Tennents opt

Tennent’s Lager’s Wellpark, the online animation series the company has launched, features Dr Dunfermline in its latest episode. It also features an unfortunate patient put to the test when he receives a diagnosis from Dr Dunfermline. Poor Ken (‘ken’ get it?) has been diagnosed with the Hepatitis, but despite his best attempts cannot work out from Dr Dunfermline if it’s Hepatitis Eh, B or C.
You can watch Dr Dunfermline’s diagnosis at visitwellpark.com. The brewer is also offering free downloads of a sicknote from Dr Dunfermline from its Wellpark website, with excuses such as a dose of the “cannybebotherds” or a bout of “noevencarings” and a prescription for a free reign to head to the pub and enjoy a pint of Tennent’s.
JP Murphy, Head of Brand Marketing at Tennent’s said, “There’s no doubt that accents from across Scotland all have their own quirks and can be a little tricky to understand for anyone not from round that way, so we thought it’d make a great subject for our latest Wellpark sketch.
“Ye ken? Now the sun has started to show its face again, there will be plenty of people looking for a reason to head to their local beer garden. As a bit of fun, we knew that an East Coast Doctor’s note will be the perfect cure to get out of any prior arrangements.”