Food still a winner for pubs


This month’s Greene King Leisure Tracker which covers April, has found that consumers are still favouring eating out.  Although spend on eating out only increased 2%,  these figures in the context of Easter shows that Eating Out performed well. This April (a non-Easter month) saw spending on Eating Out surpass that of April 2015 (an Easter month), illustrating the growing trends towards Eating Out.

Similarly year-on-year, although spend on Drinking Out remained flat, the fact that spending on Drinking Out  has kept pace with the Easter month of April 2015 represents a strong performance.

Meanwhile the report highlighted the fact that over a third of British football fans intend to watch at least one game of the European Championships in a pub this summer, making it the preferred destination for those wanting to watch the drama unfold outside of their own home. This trend is driven by young fans between the ages of 18 and 24.

 This month’s Greene King Leisure Tracker also demonstrates that the value of the pub as a sports venue is based on the great atmosphere that it offers. Over a third of all respondents answered that the atmosphere in the pub was important – more than the pub’s location, the quality of the viewing and even the availability, variety and cost of the food and drinks on offer.

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